It's time to start drafting. At this part of the process, the writer takes all of his/her prewriting ideas and writes them down in paragraph form. This could be in an essay, an editorial, letter to the editor. Watch the following tutorial to see how Ms G gets her ideas about having homework down on paper (or in this case a slideshow).
Drafting an Exposition
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Introducing an Exposition

The introduction generally grabs the readers attention. Readers will either choose to continue reading or stop reading based on the introduction. The introduction also lets the reader know the stand of point of view of the writer. There are some techniques that writers use to write good introductions.

Use one of the following topics from your prewriting. Decide which side you will take and write an introductory paragraph for your topic. The prompts were:

1. We should/shouldn't be able to sit beside our friends in class.
2. We should/shouldn't be able to bring pets to school.
3. Cell phones should/shouldn't be allowed in school.
4. School should/shouldn't be available online.
5. Grade 8 students should receive 1/2 hour of homework per week night (Mon - Thurs).

Now decide which side you will take and write an introduction for your topic keeping in mind effective ways to introduce an exposition.


“Any homework? You need to do your homework before you can go over to Jameson’s.” These are familiar words for any middle grade student. For as long as there has been school, homework has been an issue for most kids and parents. In most cases, parents do the nagging and kids do the work.

The Body of the Exposition

The body or middle of the exposition gives reasons to support the point of view. Each reason is accompanied by supporting evidence.

Example of one paragraph

It is interesting to note that the impact of homework on academic achievement is limited. Studies show that good attendance, high motivation and self confidence have more of an impact on academic growth. Yet in my experience as a parent, less attention is paid to motivating students to learn and homework continues to be assigned.

Now pick one reason and construct a 1st paragraph to support the stand you have taken in your introduction. Don't forget to use evidence to support your reason.


The conclusion links back to the introduction restating the point of view in a different way and providing a summary of the opinion.

View the powerpoint presentation to review the textual features of an exposition. Students when you get to the slide "Calling All Sleepyheads", please print the word file and try to identify all of the text and language features of this short essay. You will be provided with a copy of the text and so you can write on the copy. When you are done, share your thoughts with your partner.

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