Let's examine the structure of an exposition. Watch the slideshow. Be sure you have a copy of "Summer: 15 Days or 2 Months".

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Read the exposition "Summer" together. If you have a SMART BOARD, you can label the parts on the board as students problem solve and figure them out. As you read, stop to determine and label each part of the exposition as well as it's purpose. This information is found in the First Steps Writing Resource Book. You should be able to identify the introduction, the body, and the conclusion and their purposes. In the body make sure you underline the arguments and the details that support the argument.
(You will need a copy of this).

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Once you have your copy of the problem solving activity "No Pass, No Play", (attached below), you will find that it does not make sense. It is not organized. Your task is to make this exposition make sense. Think about the text structure discussed on this page. Use your knowledge of how an exposition is constructed to help you make this piece of writing make sense. Once you are done label the parts of the exposition.