The most successful persuasive writing is well planned. Planning includes choosing a topic, researching the topic and mapping out the structure of the writing.

For and Against Arguments

Begin by using a t-chart to write arguments for and against.

Example: Homework
prepares for highschool
keeps kids off the streets
doesn't give kids much free time
promotes lack of exercise

You have a set of arguments on your handout. Some statements support having homework and some support having no homework. Cut apart the strips and sort the statements on a t-chart. Discuss your for and against arguments with a partner.

Take a Stance and Organize Thoughts for Persuasion

Work with your topic. Use the following link to prewrite or plan your writing. It will help you to organize your thinking about your topic.

Persuasion Map

There are many graphic organizers that can help you organize your persuasive writing. Use the following links to find one that works for you.

Persuasive graphic organizers
My opinion
Persuasion Think it Out

The following download is Ms Gatzke's 4 square prewrite planner.


Use one of the graphic organizers above. Pick one of the following prompts, create a t-chart showing for and against arguments and complete a graphic organizer.

1. We should/shouldn't be able to sit beside our friends in class.
2. We should/shouldn't be able to bring pets to school.
3. Cell phones should/shouldn't be allowed in school.
4. School should/shouldn/t be available online.
5. Grade 8 students should receive 1/2 hour of homework per week night (Mon - Thurs).


You will be evaluated on this assignment using this prewriting rubric.