We have been working on the topic of illiteracy. We have read an essay, watched video of an illiterate person who came out, read articles related to First Nations graduation rates in Saskatchewan and examined data about what kids your age have to say about reading habits.

Your assignment to end this unit is two fold. You must choose one project from the prompts in Part A and one project from part B.

Part A (Individual)

You have been learning about persuasive writing. Your job is to write an exposition. You may choose from the following prompts. You must show evidence of using the writing process for this project and so save your prewriting and all of your drafts.

1. As a student, write a letter to Mike Walter, Superintendent, Regina Public Schools, commenting on illiteracy and suggesting ideas for promoting literacy in Regina Public Schools.

2. As a highschool student who did not graduate and reads poorly, write a letter to a government official advocating support for literacy programs in schools.

3. As yourself write a letter to the editor of the Leaderpost, stating facts about illiteracy in Canada and what needs to be done to change this.

This persuasive writing rubric will be used to evaluate this piece of writing.
Please make sure you turn in your prewriting and all drafts. All evidence of your work must be turned in not just the final copy. You will receive a grade for your use of the writing process.

Part B (Partner)

Persuasion is all around us. The second part of this assignment has to do with representing. You can choose from the following assignments.

1. As an advertiser, create a billboard persuading customers to buy a product that your company sells. (hockey stick, pencil, a new soda pop). See your teacher to make sure your product is acceptable for school.

2. As a movie maker, film a movie that persuades television viewers to buy a product. Check with your teacher to make sure your product is acceptable for school.

3. As a wannabe leader of the Liberal Party, create a flyer convincing delegates to vote for you.

The following rubrics will be used to grade the project.